Commission: The Resistance!

There is a new commission live in Starpirates. This is the second in a series of the new storyline, “The Resistance”. This is available immediately, and aimed at those level 40-42. Future commissions will roll out monthly (more or less), as part of a larger storyline. This storyline is integrated into item launches, invasions, and […]

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What is Project Phoenix?

Vast majority of Players supported Project Phoenix. OK, great, well what is Project Phoenix? It’s taking a game that was dying, and bring it back to life. And it’s working. It’s a huge investment by the Admins into the game – a commitment that we’ll revitalise the game – through new features, content and hopefully […]

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Checkpoints and Skulls are now Live!

Recently, Checkpoints ( and Skulls ( went live! This is a fun one. Players are saying it’s a great addition. Yay! Summary: This is a bonus for players who are working towards levelling, but not quite there yet. If you hit a certain fraction of a level, your resource bars refill. A challenge with this […]

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What is a Galelia?

So a player asked, what is a Galelia? It is a weapon? A shield? A boot? Great question, thanks! First thing to know is that it is a Very Rare Plus item found in Star Pirates. It’s the first one launched in years. It is most definitely not randomly added. It’s well thought out, balanced, […]

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Updated Retirement in StarCrash Games

For over a decade, players have had the option to retire from and This is how players could leave the game but not have their accounts deleted. Players would lose some benefits etc., but remain around as targets for others. So far so good. The problem was that just about every player who […]

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