Quotely Quotes about SHG

Howdy All,

We realised that we got a tonne of reviewes from players – and we don’t share them! Vast majority are really positive, some are questions, and yeah, the occasional troll stretching their legs, but in general the amount of joy they are talking about…that makes for a good start of a long weekend.

So below are some of the quotes we’ve received in the past few months.  Certainly not all, and only the ones in English (sorry, de rien, lo siento, ขอโทษ, извините, anteeksi, آسف,  遗憾, ソーリー), but hey a cool collection of positive vibes nonetheless


★★★★★ John LaLone
Love it – Great game

★★★★★ DonnaKay Smith
Mind numbing joy –  Just what I need to veg out some days. Classic game I can play for hours.

★★★★★ Karen Shelton
Fun fun – This is a island of enjoyment and concentration

★★★★★ Jun Reyes
Luv this game

★★★★★ Christine Villanueva
This game rocks out loud.

★★★★★ Kymani Wyat
Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it
Yeeeeeaaaaaa boooooyy

★★★★★ Ginger Harris on May 17, 2014 at 5:54 PM
Awesome fun

★★★★★ Wendy Kurtz
Jewels and gems – Love it. The music is so soothing, not annoying and the game sounds subtle. Perfect job!!!

★★★★★ Starnac
SHG Games – We come for the game, and we stay for the community.

★★★★★ Verma Samrat
Excellent! It is very good game – It is an family game very good game I am like it very much

★★★★★ Denny Peterson
Very enjoyable game. This game is loads of fun.

★★★★★ Renata Naffa
Food and amusing game lots of fun…addicting too.

★★★★★ Deyanna Denise
Great game.

★★★★★ Zach Booth
Love it.

Top game in the world  (ok, this one is a little older, but really appreciate the vibe).

Cheers, and enjoy the weekend — AAB