• In Beta! Pirates of Procyon : StarPirates 2
    G’day Captains, Special Agents, and Space Marines!  On Apr 22-24, 2008 Star Pirates ( launched. It was super successful almost immediately. The best part is the many friends we’ve all made. Or maybe you’re a bit more “pew pew” focused, and you’ve enjoyed blowing up your friends again and again.[…]
  • StarPirates 2 Poster & Ships + 14th SHG Anniversary
    StarPirates 2 Early Access benefits are yours for the takingSIGN UP NOW! For POP, For Glory, For… Early Access If you haven’t already, sign up for Early Access to Star Pirates 2 : Pirates of Procyon. You’ll start out with some additional goodies, get first crack at helping us name[…]
  • SHG Shawarma Day
    In a meeting today, we decided it was Interplanetary Shawarma Day. This was due to Autoincorrect, but hey. Let’s run with that. If you have Shawarma, do have it. And, there may be an invasion to stop!
  • 13th Birthday for!
    Hello Fellow Captains, just turned 13 years old! A grumpy teen which is no longer fun? Far from it. We have lots on the go, and hopefully you’ve already logged and got your free Cake, Notorious and LUCK 🙂 The NPCs and Bosses will remain until the end of[…]
  • No Foolin’ Sale & Festival of Caerbannog
    Killer Rabbits, iPad Login Contest, a sale on April Fools Day? What are we doing in ? No Foolin’ SaleA sale? In space? On April 1st? Is that real or …, well to quote AAB, “My Cat told me it’s time to have a sale. I thought, well maybe.[…]
  • Commission: The Resistance!
    There is a new commission live in Starpirates. This is the second in a series of the new storyline, “The Resistance”. This is available immediately, and aimed at those level 40-42. Future commissions will roll out monthly (more or less), as part of a larger storyline. This storyline is integrated[…]


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