In 2024, SHG is unleashing its cute cats on the world! We love kitties. We love games. Sadly, we didn’t like the cat game options that we saw. So we made our own!. 




Cat Collector + RPG. 

Built by cat gamers for cat gamers! 

  • In Cute Cat RPG you play as YOUR cat. 
  • Build your hero cat then explore this mix of cute cat collector and non-violent RPG! 
  • Each cat is a character, with unique cat video-based “moves”. From Dr. Biggles to Tabby Swift and Meowsi, collect ‘em all. 
  • Coats, boots plus hats are both important for RPG, and stylish dress up fun. 
  • Did we mention the Cute Cat Amazing Rrace across landmarks and countries? 
  • Yes, we have Cat Condos, unique Minigames and more. 


Features include character customization, engaging quests, charming storylines, and availability on Android and Desktop Web platforms.