Missions in ZM 3.0

missionScreen_2Missions with combats now show the combat results “in-list”.  There’s some formatting issues which are worked on (see the screenshot).  The “EARNS, REQUIRES, PROGRESS” headers are removed.  This lets us increase the visibility of the display and makes for easier reading and we can increase the Supplies icon and number required.

Similarly, the XP display is being replaced with a simpler “amount remaining” rather than the current convention (this is not yet in the official test build).

We should be able to post some further screenshots in the next day or so showing all the above.

Achievements (which are Amazon only in 3.0, all platforms in 3.1+) are being finalized and squad management also looks tight.  We’re otherwise down to just performing system checks and multi-resolution tests so there’s a potential app store submission in the next day or so following a clean test sweep.

(Of course, Mr. Murphy’s laws can always apply…)  That said, 3.0 release is certainly very soon.

Our roll-out plan:

1.  Google (Android)

2.  Apple (iOS)

3.  Amazon (and Blackberry via Amazon)