Year of the Snake : 2012 Achievements and 2013 Plans for SHG

Welcome to the Year of the Snake!

What a difference a year makes. This time last year Snakehead Games was just 3 friends working from their basements. Now we have grown into a thriving 12-person team, tackling all sorts of exciting projects.

While most of the expanded team works on StarCrash games, “Division 2” has a team of 4 building awesome mobile games. These games are mostly based in the expanded StarCrash universe. These are designed to be easy to play, while cross-promoting all SHG games. While each game will have individual TLC, we’ve laid the groundwork for “13 in 13”. That’s 13 new mobile games in 2013.

Look for hints and clues about how Jewels Star Legends and the rest of our new mobile games fit into the StarCrash universe, and watch out for the hungry androids!

Not that we’re obsessed by Androids, but most games will come out on Google Play / Android first, followed a few weeks later on all other major platforms.

One more thing about mobile. We’re researching how to put the StarCrash games directly onto an App in each of the mobile stores. It’s early days, but keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Snakehead has also been working on a game called Gates of Camelot with Canadian Celtic musician star Heather Dale. It’s built with the StarCrash game engine but is set in the mystical land of Albion, where brave knights and wily bards struggle for the crown and the Round Table. Join the beta test by May 1st and get a signup bonus!

We have been working on Ascension 2 for 2165 SpyBattle! We have the story and images ready, and we are just fine tuning the details. Assuming all goes well, get ready to Ascend in late May.

Everything we do is about helping our existing community have more fun. As BSG’s Sharon says, “You’re first in my heart”.

This includes evolving CSRs into Gamemasters. Their job is to grow the content, through writing, & the community through promotion and deal-making. Maybe a bit of improving new player tutorials as well. After all, what’s a social game without new friends?

There have also been a LOT of updates on the existing games. We’ve gone from talking about stuff we want to do, to ensuring the pace of upgrade is not too fast for players to absorb. That’s a good thing!

So there you have it. 2013 looks like it will be the biggest year yet for Snakehead Games. We can’t wait to show you all the new cool stuff! Now, back to finding cool rares…