What is Project Phoenix?

Vast majority of Players supported Project Phoenix. OK, great, well what is Project Phoenix? It’s taking a game that was dying, and bring it back to life. And it’s working.

It’s a huge investment by the Admins into the game – a commitment that we’ll revitalise the game – through new features, content and hopefully returning players. This investment started in April 2019, and will continue throughout 2020 and into the future. You can see the results in StarPirates.net and SpyBattle.com now.

In exchange, Project Phoenix was also a commitment from the existing player base that they’re in. They want to play the game, and they’ll talk to friends who used to play and left from boredom. There were multiple choices placed in front of the players (including closing the games down!). The players, overwhelmingly, chose the path where everyone, SHG and players, do their part with this community project.

Note, this was for both for StarPirates (link) and SpyBattle (link). Interestingly the votes were almost exactly equal.