Zombie Moon

Zombie Moon is a social menu-based RPG with a TEEN rating. The chat community is friendly & awesome! If you love pen and paper RPG’s, Sci-Fi, & Zombies PLUS making friends across the world then dig in.

Zombie Moon is updating as of Jan 31st, 2021

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Get A Previous Version (3.8.2)

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★ Chat – Awesome community – no bullying, spam, sexism, etc.
★ Unlock the mystery of Zombie Moon through missions over 1000 levels — gain special rewards.
★ Level up & take down rival players. Or make friends.
★ Free “treasure chests” to get great equipment.
★ Game Creators play the game with you — fight them, talk to them, and more.
★ Space Marines vs. Zombies — what more do you want? Oh yeah, Vampires.
★ FREE to play — always!

Note: This game can only be played when online. Some older devices may not support the title.