Zombie Moon Updates



There’s a lot in the pipeline for Zombie Moon.  Amazon and Apple users – version 3.0.39 is awaiting review by Amazon and Apple which brings SQUAD CHAT back, and makes Zombie Moon available to Blackberry 10 players!

The promised refresh of the look and feel of the game is underway.  The video refill option so popular with Guts and Glory players will soon be making its appearance in Zombie Moon (yes, this means you can combine Quests, Tasks, Level Ups AND video refills for Energy stockpiles before wars!)  And a bonus daily collectible powerup for players with Elite status will replace the ad banner area (players who’ve made purchases automatically earn Elite status).

Then, later we’ll be looking at aISIS upgrades (later, you’ll power up your AI to boost your marine’s HP – as you donate to your squad, you’ll also be powering her up) and potentially an automated system permitting squad transfers from owner to deputy and squad boss combats!  It’s going to be a busy few months!