Terms of Service

**Note: This Document is subject to review, all users are expected to adhere with the most recent and published revision

No Advertising
no Spam
No Multi-Accounting
Do Not Exploit Bugs
Administrators, Staff and Moderators
No Automation or Botting
Respect for Human Rights
No Selling of Accounts or Ingame Items.
Business Ethics
TEEN and MATURE Ratings
Ownership of Uploaded Content
Player Naming Conventions
Overreacting, Leaving and Overplaying
Privacy Policy

1) No advertising of other websites or (online or offline) games.
Text-based URLs in your forum signature are allowed for not-for-profit sites and to webcomics but banners are not. You may never list links to for-profit websites in the forums, Shout Box, Private Messages and other screens visible during game play. Players posting any external (non-Snakehead Games) links in the Shout Box, Player Names, Ship Names, Aliases or Combat Animation Defeated Message is strictly forbidden. The discussion of other games (both online and offline) is not permitted however usernames and aliases may reference characters or variations thereof from other games. Be respectful that you are a part of our community while here – players are here to discuss and play THIS game, not others.

2) No SPAM
SPAM is the practice of subjecting other players to unwanted or repetitive material. SPAM is not permitted in the forums, Shout Box, Private Messages and other screens visible during game play. Examples of SPAM can include but are not limited to: begging, unnecessary characters prefixing or following conversation, repeating the same message or ‘singing’ in the Shout Box for multiple shouts, and repeated interruptions that do not contribute to the ongoing conversation. The repeated use of ALL CAPS in public areas such as the Shout Box is considered SPAM. Posting solely in order to ‘claim’ the shoutbox is SPAM. Begging for items, points, money or for ‘loans’ of these to buy something etc. in the forums, Shout Box, Private Messages and other screens visible during game play is also SPAM and is aggressively followed up with warnings, freezes or bans. The Admins, CSRs, and Moderators may use discretion and ignore occasional or brief discussions that violate these rules but will not allow them to continue indefinitely. Please try not to overwhelm the Shout Box with nothing but your own shouts – it is a place for conversation, not monologues. English is the only language of the Shout Box and the forum (though a specific thread in the forums for another language(s) is allowed).

3) No Multi-Accounting
You are allowed ONE (and only one) account in each of our games. That account may be used by one player. You may not create nor use more than one account. If your account is banned you may not create another account. A maximum of two separate players may play on the same IP address (i.e. from the same internet account – computer/home/office). An exception allowing more than two players on one IP may be made, but only if you contact the admin team via ticket in advance of creating the additional account(s) and get approval. If one account on your IP address is banned, ALL accounts which have used that IP address will be banned.

If you aren’t sure if you are Multi-Accounting:
1. Is someone (you or another person) logging on to or using more than one account?
2. Is a player getting more than the results of their own play?
If you answer “Yes” to either – it is cheating. We will ban the accounts.

IF YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE ACCOUNT OR YOU “HELP” ANOTHER PLAYER BY LOGGING IN AS THEM YOU ARE MULTIACCOUNTING AND WE WILL BAN ALL INVOLVED ACCOUNTS FOREVER. WE WILL CATCH ANYONE TRYING IT AND WE WILL NOT ACCEPT EXCUSES. Don’t do this to yourself and others as we will NOT undo a ban for multi-accounting. Violators will be locked out of all Snakehead Games Inc. games. If you are banned and try to return with a new account, the account will be banned immediately. A ban is forever.

4) Do Not Exploit Bugs
Exploitation of any bugs or weaknesses in game software will not be tolerated. We will use our discretion in determination of what is cheating and we will take immediate action against the accounts that are violating the rules. If you encounter an exploit, contact a moderator immediately and then raise a ticket for admin review. Do not publicly post it.

5) Admins, Staff and Moderators

We employ an in-house staff that develops, runs, and administers the games. Information about employment at Snakehead Games can be found at http://www.snakeheadgames.com/?page_id=1784 . Some games include Moderators & Greeters who are selected volunteers – we will contact players if we are expanding the Moderator group.

If a Moderator, Customer Service Representative (CSR) or Admin gives you a clear directive and you ignore it you risk being frozen and/or banned from the site. Should you have an issue with moderation, the correct procedure is to contact the moderator(s) via Private Message and discuss it. Should this not resolve the problem, the next step is to open a support ticket. At no stage should a dispute or personal issue with moderation actions be posted in the Shout Box, faction, ship name, death message, name, alias or on the forums. Breaching this process will result in a freeze in the first instance and a permanent ban should it be repeated. There will be no warnings issued.

6) No Automation

The use of macro programs, scripts, browser plug-ins or any type of software that allows for automation is strictly prohibited. We have systems in place that monitor all accounts for automation and we do not give second chances for macro abuse. Anything that replaces a “click” or “key press” is considered automation. If you’re not playing – and you’re getting something – you are cheating and you are wasting game resources. We have no tolerance for cheaters.

7) Respect Human Rights
The use of nudity and racism anywhere on this site is prohibited. You may generally say what you like and lightly swear so long as you don’t do this constantly. BUT, you must follow these rules at all times:

* NO hateful speech (racist, sexist, religious, referencing names of ‘hate groups’ like the Nazis, messaging someone “F U”, etc. messages).
* NO display or descriptions of porn or pornographic acts (including references to genitals or sex acts in description or name).
* NO threats of physical, emotional or financial harm.
* NO sexual harassment.
* NO Real-world politics and religion – these have no place in our fantasy game – that includes forums, Shout Box, and other screens visible during game play.
* NO insults to a person – discussing someone’s play actions is okay, insulting the person behind the account is not.
* NO using real life names.

We may ignore a SINGLE outburst from one player to another, but we will NEVER ignore a ‘real life’ threat (including threats against oneself), a hate message, or a comment which even borders on sexual harassment.

We try to avoid reviewing private messages but please be advised that all data on the servers belong to Snakehead Games Inc. In some cases we must review game data including messages. This is typically in, but not limited to, cases where real life threats allegedly have been made. In addition, if requested by the appropriate legal bodies we will release information to them. That applies to logos, comments, forum posts, and images – any and all content. We do not censor Private Messages, but if we receive a complaint we will examine to see if the content violates any of our rules.

8) No Selling of Account
You may not sell accounts nor in-game forms of virtual property for ‘real life funds’. Snakehead Games supplies a service, not ‘property’. Any transfers of account ownership must be approved by Snakehead Games Management. Where legally permitted, trading game assets between any of the games engineered by Snakehead Games Inc. is generally allowed, although let it be noted that this may change to be disallowed overall or on a game by game basis. If you do trade, neither Admins nor Moderators police actively if anyone scams you. We strongly recommend using in-game features (such as the item market) to ensure safe, secure trading.

9) Fair Business Ethics
We try HARD to ethically and diligently ensure people have fun, are safe and (if they support us) get what they’ve paid for; so if you’ve got an issue – contact us and we’ll do our very best. Under no circumstances does purchasing a package from our Upgrade Account area make you immune to the rules and penalties listed herein. We appreciate all of the donations and purchases; however, we wish to create a fair environment to play in and will take action where it is needed to ensure this. You will not be credited for any account upgrades which are lost due to a freeze or ban. If you initiate a dispute process via PayPal, if you file a report with the Better Business Bureau, or if you do something similar without giving us time to resolve the issue, your account(s) here will be banned. We believe in, supply, and demand fair play and fair dealings.

10) Teen Rated and Mature Material
As noted on the registration page, the minimum age for playing is 13 years of age. All material should be viewable by Teens (those 13 and up) according to the guide at the Entertainment Software Rating Board. In no cases are threats (see rule 2) and other non-Teen concepts allowed on this website. Note that TEEN rating allows for infrequent use of strong language and excludes FREQUENT use of strong language. There is a very simple automatic censor in the Shout Box – it stops players from being frozen for using words which aren’t permitted in our TEEN rated game. (see rule 7) If you try to bypass it – using spaces, extra characters, misspelling, etc. – you are choosing to bring in non-TEEN content. We take this rule as seriously as we do the other rules – violations of these will lead to warnings, freezings and/or banishment from the site.

11) Ownership of Items Uploaded
As always, all unique material posted on Snakehead Games properties becomes the property of Snakehead Games, Inc. If you are uncomfortable with this, then please do not post to the forums, Shout Box, etc.

If you post material created by others you must ensure your posting does not violate Copyright. It is up to the individual poster (that’s you) to ensure that all material is free of Copyright issues. This includes written content, images, videos, and any other form of material subject to Copyright and similar concepts. In general, present legal opinion supports using 3rd party images on avatars. This considered acceptable use by courts in most countries and so we allow this unless we know of explicit reasons to remove them. In Summary, do not post material which breaks Copyright and your local statutes.

While you are free to use our artwork to promote SHG games on third party sites (ex: fleet/faction forums or pages), you may not use it in a negative way. Any use of images or other content on a for-profit site, for reasons other than promotion of SHG and its games, requires our specific approval.

12) Naming Rules (Usernames, Aliases, Shipnames, Fleet Names/Ranks)
While you are free to name your Character, there are certain, mostly obvious limits:
a) Player usernames, ship names and aliases and Fleet/Faction names or ranks are not allowed to be racist, discriminating, religious, political, sexual, or in any way be a form of advertising. In obvious cases we will ask the offending player to change their name (or if offline we may change it for them). In less obvious cases, no action may be taken unless a player complains to the Staff or Moderators.
b) Player usernames, ship names and aliases and Fleet/Faction names or ranks can use mixed capital and normal letters but you cannot use capital letters or numbers to try to “hide” insults/cussing/etc.
c) Player usernames, ship names and aliases and Fleet/Faction names or ranks may not be made to imitate another player (ie. thisplayer2 or 2thatplayer) though generally CSRs and Moderators will let this slide if a player PM’s us (i.e. for purposes of good-natured parody) and the imitated user in question clears it as okay. See item d below.
d) Generic sounding names (The Captain, AgentQ, 001, etc.) are fine, however, if a similar name is already in-use, don’t imitate another player. Choose something different.
e) Player usernames, ship names and aliases and Fleet/Faction names or ranks may reference characters or variations thereof from other games.

13) Overreacting, Leaving and Overplaying
This is a game. Please remember that when things don’t go your way – also remember it when things are great. We’re here to have fun – as a community. If you’re not having fun by all means you may leave. There is no contract keeping you here. In most games we do NOT delete accounts although we may systematically retire them. Occasionally players leave the game as they feel they need to focus on real life. We support that (ask a Moderator or CSR for advice). If you feel that you are playing excessively then consider cutting down or otherwise regulating your play.

14) Griefing
“Online hits” are part of some Snakehead Games. The player community has decided it does not want any limits on hits by players on other players. We will NOT interfere with player vs. player hits, even if a player continues hitting dozens of times in a row. There are many in-game mechanics to solve this as per our threads in the forums.

15) No Privacy Violations
References to real life personal situations or events, asking for personal information, or asking for contact information of any kind are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. You may share information about yourself if you wish, but we ask you exercise caution and common sense when doing so. You may NOT reveal real life and/or private information about any other accounts or players without their explicit consent – this inc ludes the moderators, CSRs, and administrators, as well as Snakehead Games, Inc.! Snakehead Games also follows these rules, except in cases of potential harm and/or when given explicity or implicit permission.

Privacy violations will be aggressively answered with warnings, freezing, or banning, depending on the severity of the abuse.

Snakehead Games has strong policies regarding privacy. It is our intent that Snakehead Games employees only have access to information that is required to do their jobs. In addition, we do not share what we consider private information with other players or third parties unless required do by law. If information is no longer needed, our goal is to delete it. For example, private messages between players are deleted on a regular basis, whereas public forum messages however will remain live for extended periods, perhaps forever. Notable exceptions to this include analytics, affiliate and advertising programs required to monitise the games.

Credit Card information is not stored on Snakehead Games Servers.

We, upon occasion, update our public social channels including sending newsletters. We aim to provide the opportunity to opt out of these communications. We may provide promotion to other games, including by third parties.

As noted above, we try to avoid reviewing private messages. In some cases we must review game data including messages. This is typically in, but not limited to, cases where real life threats allegedly have been made to others and/or to oneself. In addition, if requested by the appropriate legal bodies we will release information to them. That applies to logos, comments, forum posts, and images – any and all content. We do not censor Private Messages, but if we receive a complaint we will examine to see if the content violates any of our rules. As noted previously, all data on the servers belong to Snakehead Games Inc.

In summary, we aim to treat your information as we expect our information treated when we visit other websites.

USE COMMON SENSE: These rules are subject to change and staff interpretation at any time. Essentially, play nice and we’ll do what we can to keep you part of our community but if you try to be a disruptive jerk you can expect to be quickly frozen or banned.