SHG is Small Biz of the Year!







SHG Studios is the Small Business of the Year in our city!

There are a lot of great businesses in the area, who both create jobs and build the community. We happen to be one, and we’re really pleased — very, very happy — to be picked as the Small Business of the Year by the Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.

It was part of a large award show, with maybe 1000 in attendance. Quite the who’s who of the city. Very fun event — except for the nerves. I hadn’t been that nervous in a long time – I guess childhood dreams and all the come into play.
SHG-Ham-Chamber Award

The award is cool all on its own!  But perhaps this will help others (government funding, and distributors) believe in us that bit more.

@snakeheadgames if you follow us on twitter for the community chatter 🙂

And if you want to read more, check out an article or two:


Visiting Xenephon!

Some people go south to winter.  I personally think that’s a wise choice.  Some folks choose to shiver their way through the yearly expansion of the Canadian Tundra.  Others escape WAY far south and go to a summer.

Only the hardiest, craziest sort of human would go from Australian Summer to Canadian Winter — for fun.

But Xenephon is that Hardcore. He’s one of the few trifecta Hall of Famers(he’s on the HOF in all three web games!).

That’s right Xenephon was in town, and we have the pictures to prove it!

AAB, AABaby, AlexRoss, MMG! (peeking over Alex's Shoulder), 256, and Xenephon
AAB, AABaby, AlexRoss, MMG! (peeking over Alex’s Shoulder), 256, and Xenephon

If you notice, you can see the treats AlexRoss brought in! 🙂

Brightshield, AlexRoss, Xenephon, AABaby plus AAB
Brightshield, AlexRoss, Xenephon, AABaby plus AAB

This pic has the two players looking at an early demo of the new Zombie Moon. After that we got some solid feedback from both on that, and other matters 🙂

Tom Brown (newbie!), AAB, AABaby, Alex Ross, 256, Xene, & Rambling Josh
Tom Brown (newbie!), AAB, AABaby, Alex Ross, 256, Xene, & Rambling Josh

You’ll see Tom Brown on the left, responsible for the 4.5 to 4.6 conversion of Zombie Moon. And on the right is Rambling Josh, the fella who is doing much of the front end for Guts and Glory.

The visit was about 3 hours, and pizza and great chat was had by all. Thanks for coming Xenephon, and AlexRoss! It’s awesome to have such great, social players like ya!

Spybattle Comic and Spybattle Streaming Music

We have many amazing creatives in our community.  And two projects that have been in the works for a long time are both going live today.

They are pretty different, but both cool. Both SpyBattle focused, but relevant to most:

SpyBattle Comics
This is created by some players in SpyBattle – Princess Kitten, Kid Latrans, and … well you ask ’em!  It’s a comic about those players’ characters in the SpyBattle world.  If you play a lot, you’re probably getting a cameo 🙂  I’ve only read a few myself, but they’re well drawn and a fun read.                    << updated url!
(note this is not run by Spybattle, but has been created with a license, by players.)


Old Earth Suite
Some of you may know that Super Cthulhu is a man of many talents – one of them is musical.  He’s been working the Old Earth Suite for a while now, and it’s finally ready for it’s public debut! And it really is great – I’ve listened through a few times, and love it, but definitely needs a quiet room with no outside noises.
(you are free to stream and share this as you like – thanks SC!)

Old Earth Suite Performance Notes

Lament for Old Earth (3’20”)
The old Earth has been destroyed, yet there is still life and conflict amongst the ruins.

Opening with solo cello, then horn, allow the strings to be lush and strong throughout.  The tutti orchestra at B should be making a statement – again strong rich tones are required. At C it is important to ensure that the 8/8 structure is followed ( q. + q. + q )don’t allow the extra quaver beat. E brings a return for tutti orchestra and the opening statement.

A New Beginning (3’00”)
Around the campfire, the survivors gather to begin their lives afresh.

Allow freedom for the solo and soli violin passages, bringing a feel of gypsy air to the movement. Keep a feeling of one in a bar throughout the movement, and allow the winds at C to play together with a chamber feel.

Struggle for New Earth (2’36”)
Creating a new life is a struggle, yet there is hope and moments of true beauty.

Through the movement allow the inner parts to come through. No individual part is more important than any other, as the melody and theme is passed between instruments.

Finale – Finding Home (2’42”)
The world that was has ended. Yet we can still find a new home.

A return of the opening theme, set in a major key. Allow the tutti orchestra the space to create a majestic presence, tempered by the solo brass passages.

The suite, as a whole, is dedicated to the person behind Aurelia.  Be well friend.

Zombie Moon: 125,000 Android Installs!

AMAZING! 125, 000 Android users have installed Zombie Moon!

THANK YOU!  THANK YOU!  For your support, faith and friendship!!

We are hard at work on the final chapters of the amazing story of Zombie Moon!

Revealed: how are the Pacifists involved? What is the source of the contagion? Vampires! Zombies! INCREDIBLE technology! Amazing revelations about the SHG Starcrash universe!


Quantum Vibe – Shared Universe?

I’m personally an avid reader of Quantum Vibe — . Not only because it’s an awesome story of a dysfunctional group led by a mad scientist, but also because its story is very similar to the Starcrash Universe. All action takes place in the solar system, the physics is pretty real, and the characters are interesting.  These gems of characters are set beautifully into the background of big, dysfunctional (that word again) corporations run that run the show.

In many ways I feel I’m reading an alt universe story of SpyBattle and Zombie Moon.

So, for all these good reasons and more, QV has agreed to promote Zombie Moon. Maybe do the reverse favour and check ’em out if you can.  It’ll help you chat with the new Sun-Divers we expect in ZM.  Either way, please welcome ’em.


ps if you’re going to read Quantum Vibe, I’d suggest going back to the start, and breaking it out over a few days. It’s worth it.


Our Partners over at Heather Dale are happy to announce that Celtic Avalon is funded!

Heather Dale’s “Celtic Avalon” crowdfunding campaign ( has been successfully funded, thanks to the generosity of almost 700 donors. Visit for regular project updates over the next 18 months. Thank you to everyone who helped out!! 🙂

Zombie Moon cookies!

We had a great meetup yesterday at Hamilton’s Startup meeting. We listened to presentations from some really interesting innovators including Roboteur (

Within the crowd were a number of the players of Zombie Moon and it was a lot of fun to chat with each other and discover more common interests.

However to me (player256) a big highlight was Paulie’s cookies – yes, the famous (or infamous?) cookies we all like to talk about in Zombie Moon’s chat. AAB, AlexRoss, Brightshield, Starbuck and I all got to try the regular (or gluten-free – which I think are even tastier by the way) thanks to Paulie’s treating us.

It was also nice to be able to give some shout outs to the chat while we were there to people who we wish could have attended but geography prevented.