A collection of topics – new forum launched!

Over the last couple months, we’ve made some changes and improvements to Star Pirates Infinity which really help the flow of the game and the new player experience. Our focus moving forward is to try and generate more discussion about the game. We want to increase our interaction with those who are playing the game. To that end, we’ve set up both a forum and a Discord server so we can more easily interact with the community. For those unfamiliar with it, Discord is a new free all-in-one voice and text chat with a focus on games. The server is accessible here:




Our long term roadmap is to have a forum tied to SPI player accounts to remove the need for a second set of credentials. This would be more integrated into SPI, much the way our webgame forums work, but for the moment we’re going to use this forum:



If you’ve had the opportunity to try the game, we would very much appreciate if you could take a moment to leave a quick comment on the forums, or leave us a message in Discord. We’d like to know which platform you’ve tried the game on, how you found the experience, and biggest thing you noticed while playing the game; something that really stood out to you, either good or bad.

Much of this effort is based off our experiences with Star Pirates, Spy Battle and Gates of Camelot. It has been our experience that those games built a sustainable community because the players had the opportunity to interact both in an immediate shoutbox and to share ideas in the forums. We hope that the addition of forums will help increase community presence in Star Pirates Infinity. If you haven’t tried the game yet, just a reminder that it plays across Android, iOS, PC and Mac. You can download the latest version here: