ZM 3.0.22 Submitted to Apple

ZM 3.0 Gold
ZM 3.0 Gold

It has been a really tough run but we’ve hurdled all the barriers and are pleased to announce that ZM 3.0.22 is now awaiting review on Apple’s App Store.

It’s not the end of updates – oh no!  For one, some of the optimizations on build size caused serious problems with the libraries necessary to operate.   Which means we could either keep a small, extremely fast but broken app or a frustratingly much larger app and push for what speed boosts we could safely keep in.  That’s not much of a choice so we’ve had to (for now) go with a bigger app.

We’re already pursuing options to improve that (indeed, most of the incompatibilities are already resolved).  And notifications were a problem due to system changes and had to be removed in this first release while we pursue superior options.

Plus – due to the aforementioned issues with some of the libraries, we had to release the item rotation visuals (but not the static images) at very low resolution due to the sheer size – otherwise we’d be way over acceptable app size.

The most important part for us is that from here we can keep supporting everyone and just keep improving things (like the zoom-in “big chat” option which is in the works) – it’s only a matter of time before version 2.x just stops working with a forthcoming Android, Amazon or iOS update.  But we’ve dodged that bullet and away we go.

So – fingers crossed – the app should be reviewed within 7 days or so and hopefully everything is a go.  It’s a little hard to say as it’s a completely new app if you recall, there’s no overlap with the old 2.x code.  EVERYTHING is new and redone.  So there’s a lot of things we have to get just right.  Here’s hoping…!