Of Behemoths and Leviathans

Great news for our Spy Battle and Star Pirate players!


For our space-faring players, we announce the newly christened Behemoth Mk V.

This new, fully customisable upgrade is the toughest ship to roll out of the shipyards to date, with 2000 hull points at base, this ship is truly deserving of its namesake.



And for our terrestrial intelligencer, cloistered in the depths of NEMO point, we present the  Stealth Sub.

While its antiquated nuclear armament has long since been reclaimed, its depths still have some treasures; you can be sure to find some of the previous captain’s private whiskey reserves. Rumors even tell of an active biological weapons suite, a true spy could not pass up such an opportunity.



Also; recent research developments on the Space Labs have lead to the creation of a NOVA bomb, capable of destabilising the sun’s corona to produce sunspots and solar flares. Players who own a space lab can will see that their investments have paid off.