Star Pirates Ascension 2: One Month On

It’s the one month launch anniversary of Ascension 2. A2 is the much loved, but demanding, expansion of, Snakehead Games’ flagship text-based browser RPG.

Ascension 2 allows advanced players to reboot their character in a standalone mission. While in the mission they aren’t able to use some of the social features of the game, so it’s much more of a “hell mode” than the normal game. Once completed though, all the experience and loot make their way back to the main character.

Speaking of loot, Ascension 2 introduces Neural Interfaces. NIs (as Free Captains quickly called them), are a new type of item, with their own slot. Named after constellations they can only be found in Ascension 2.
Neural Interface : SP Image

As long-time players of Star Pirates will attest, Ascension mission combine the best of traditions of book-based “select a path” missions with SP game play. The Expansion is demanding, but players love it for that:

“Ascension 2 is a rather neat experience with a great story that expands the lore of SP.” – Zayden
“I had a blast” – PappaDrakon (20th Pirate to Complete A2

So whether you’re an experienced player looking to play A2, or someone looking for a community & a free game, take the tour of here, then log in to take a ship for a test drive!