Zombie Moon Updates

Previously we rebalanced point drops and added silver, gold and platinum drops however the promised examination for point use for energy and supplies have remained an outstanding task.  We’re applying a change to point refill costs for supplies and energy where it is 20% more efficient.  We try very hard to ensure such changes are always fair, so this is being honoured for players who have previously spent points and will show as a surplus.

The big update for the client to use our newer, more powerful engine has completed and we now await Apple’s approval.  Since this unlocks two new game features (quests and tasks) we are delaying the rollout to Android and Amazon to try to align availability approximately with the release on Apple’s App Store.  Once everyone has access to the new game features, we plan to be bringing across a popular option from Guts and Glory – an option to earn supplies and energy refills via video watching (currently, we can offer this on Android only but hope to extend this to the other platforms also).

We’re continuing to work really hard on the game improvements and hope you enjoy them!