Quantum Vibe – Shared Universe?

I’m personally an avid reader of Quantum Vibe — www.quantumvibe.com . Not only because it’s an awesome story of a dysfunctional group led by a mad scientist, but also because its story is very similar to the Starcrash Universe. All action takes place in the solar system, the physics is pretty real, and the characters are interesting.  These gems of characters are set beautifully into the background of big, dysfunctional (that word again) corporations run that run the show.

In many ways I feel I’m reading an alt universe story of SpyBattle and Zombie Moon.

So, for all these good reasons and more, QV has agreed to promote Zombie Moon. Maybe do the reverse favour and check ’em out if you can.  It’ll help you chat with the new Sun-Divers we expect in ZM.  Either way, please welcome ’em.


ps if you’re going to read Quantum Vibe, I’d suggest going back to the start, and breaking it out over a few days. It’s worth it.