Free Captain’s Log #2

Free Captain’s Log (Space Date – August 24, 2198)
(Captain Athena’s Personal Log)

Writing Contest!

Have you heard the word, pirates? Snakehead’s Writing Contest is in full swing – not only that, but there’s now an early bird special as well!

They’ve pledged 1000 points for everyone who gets a submission in before September 1st – more if enough people are in by that time. I don’t know about you, but I can feel my writing fingers getting itchy just thinking about it…

Mobile Games

It’s not like racing from one end of the system to the other and blowing anything in my path up ever gets BORING, dear Journal, don’t get me wrong. But there ARE a few boring stretches in between the explosions, and the hold can only carry so much rum. So the shipboard AI said I ought to look at some “mobile games”.

And wouldn’t you know it, Snakehead Games has come through for us there! Their debut app “Word Nerds: Tap & Spell Words” is the most fun I’ve ever had without a laser pistol in each hand. Lets me feel smart, those ants are just SO adorable, and just to top it all off, it didn’t cost the crew – I mean, ah, it didn’t cost ME a dime!

I also checked out ZipZap as well – from Industry Corporation, friends of Snakehead Games. I can appreciate some asteroid exploding hijinx, lemme tell ya.


Speaking of feeling smart, I learned something else today. Seems you don’t need plasma cannons to beat up your friends – virtually, of course! – and have fun doing it. Coliseum has seen some HUGE updates recently, with their soon-to-be-famous Foederati system finally being implemented.

Hmm…recruiting my friends to help me take revenge on those who wronged me, and all to the delighted roars of a ferocious crowd of ancient romans, huh? Sign me up!

Revenge, you ask? Oh yes. The first parts of the tutorials, backstory and additional questing is being activated too. Is it a good time to be a Lanista or what?

Snakehead Roster

And how did all this happen? Well, thanks to this nice Taerdin fellow, who was recently added to the Snakehead stable of employees after a sterling internship. Why can’t MY swabbies work half this hard? Well, I suppose if I actually bothered to pay them any better that’d be an incentive…

Star Pirates Updates

Of course, we Free Captains haven’t been forgotten either. Lots of little upgrades here and there to make our lives easier and more interesting, as well as more and better commissions piling up. They certainly seem to be getting ominous. I wonder if there’s something big coming around the corner?

Well, at least ONE big thing definitely will be. You didn’t hear it from me, dear Journal, but the scuttlebutt is a second Ascension story might finally be on the table, with work starting in early September. I can hardly wait!

Now, let’s see…was there more? Lasers, rum, explosions…heh, sounds fine to me. Don’t mind if I do~

This is Captain Athena, signing off for now!

Revenge Of The Nerds!

Wanna hear something awesome? Word Nerds: Tap & Spell Words is back with a vengeance on Google Play and the App store! Hit the ol’ anthill and see what you think, Snakehead fans!

Notable leveling this week is mostly in space – not to worry, I’m sure those sneaky spies are planning something. They always are. Plenty of tricks up their stylish cyberpunkish sleeves and all…

Star Pirates
Level 50: Leicontis, Wicked Whiskers, Miguelv87
Level 60: Globug, Musashi
Level 80: StarWolf
Level 130: Medon
Level 260(!!!): Gilmore25

Expect plenty more story developments in our browser and facebook games as the respective plots thickens, Snakehead fans. Crystalline horrors and strange readings are but the tip of the iceberg…and back in time, the tragic saga of your plucky lanista is soon set to start playing out…

Words, Swords and the Weird

Plenty more big announcements for Friday, Snakehead fans.

First of all, Word Nerds is back with a vengeance, available here for the Android. iPhone version updates are in the pipeline, and we’re aiming for an iPhone version around August 1st.

Next, Foederati! Our big update to Coliseum is ready at last! Make allies and build your hidden, private army as you plan for revenge against those who betrayed you and your family. And how does that story, you ask? Well, check Coliseum out, and Phase 2 will be there sooner than you think~

Finally, you haven’t forgotten about our writing contest, have you? Fangoria certainly hasn’t!