Revenge Of The Nerds!

Wanna hear something awesome? Word Nerds: Tap & Spell Words is back with a vengeance on Google Play and the App store! Hit the ol’ anthill and see what you think, Snakehead fans!

Notable leveling this week is mostly in space – not to worry, I’m sure those sneaky spies are planning something. They always are. Plenty of tricks up their stylish cyberpunkish sleeves and all…

Star Pirates
Level 50: Leicontis, Wicked Whiskers, Miguelv87
Level 60: Globug, Musashi
Level 80: StarWolf
Level 130: Medon
Level 260(!!!): Gilmore25

Expect plenty more story developments in our browser and facebook games as the respective plots thickens, Snakehead fans. Crystalline horrors and strange readings are but the tip of the iceberg…and back in time, the tragic saga of your plucky lanista is soon set to start playing out…