To (Star Pirates) Infinity!

Hello All!

Today is a great day! 9th anniversary of the launch of the original Star Pirates ( Original? Yes, as Star Pirates Infinity (SPI) launches today!

Colin Ferguson (AAB) here, to tell you a bit more.


Where can I download it from?

PC: (Worldwide)

Mac:  Coming veeeeerrry soon  (Worldwide)

Android: Coming veeeeerrry soon for Australia and Canada. (Worldwide in early May.)

Apple: Depends upon Apple. Likely April 28th or so. (Australia and Canada only. Worldwide in early May.)


Watch the Trailer Here:


So what the Heck is Star Pirates Infinity?

A Collectible Card Game (CCG) based in the Starcrash Universe, but many years further in the future and with a new cast of characters – human, alien and everything in between alike. The game has weekly (or so) events where we, over time, unroll the links between SPI and the original Starcrash titles.


Is Star Pirates Infinity any good?

Short answer, yes; all the developers are addicted to it. If you like CCG’s you’ll probably like it a lot. There are a few new twists on standard CCGs including a 2nd summoning resource, and “Table Top Mode”. If you don’t like CCG’s you’ll probably struggle for the first bit to learn the mechanics, but if you do, the game is really rewarding.

It’s also taken a cast of dozens, a million dollars, and 2 years to build. By far our biggest project. And we think we got it right.

What is the connection to the Original Star Pirates?

The main 2 links are that it comes from the same studio and that it has deep social features. Guilds and the new “Networks” enable the same kind of social collaboration and conflict that made the StarCrash Games so fun. Again, the story doesn’t seem to be that linked from the start, but you’ll see it is.


Thank you, and see you on the other side of the Universe,