Todaybour Day…

As the month draws to a close, Snakehead Fans, so does the Writing Contest enter its last month! And, in fact, the early bird special ends tomorrow! (There’s still time if you’ve got just a little bit more to do…remember, it’s 1000 points in the game of your choice if your submission is in and valid by September 1st – and an additional 4000 to one lucky entrant into the bargain – all awarded at the end of the long weekend! Not bad, eh?)

Oh, and have you checked out our latest interview? It’s all the buzz, hehehe OW! Ow, alright, I apologize for that pun, stop throwing bricks at me! Just… ;_; Just have the latest levelling news and enjoy the long weekend, Snakehead Fans…

Spybattle 2165
Level 50: Medon
Level 60: Deputy Laszer
Level 70: Lilyblack

Special Commendations: ZeddWhyte for the latest Space Lab…this one financed by the sale of – if not actually entirely MADE of – Bulletproof Vests!

Star Pirates
Level 50: Belai, Zip Cypher, Omniplex
Level 60: Captain Fletch
Level 70: Notin Theface
Level 80: Pyre Light, Dread Pirate Roberts