The Heroic Efforts of our Team

Work is continuing on Wasteland Heroes and our team is knocking out regular updates. We are just under three weeks since our soft launch and today we posted our sixth update. Today’s update in particular adds better connection stability and better user feedback. We’ve also started some retouches of the environments. The desert has never looked so good! Tooltips now show you what your Hero powers actually do. This is a feature we have been planning for some time, but it was not stable for the release. We’ve also increased the drop rate for Hero tokens from missions. You can now get one token from steel crates, two from gold crates and four tokens from platinum crates. Tokens can still be earned from each mission only once per day per mission.

Our roadmap for the game still has lots to come. More bad guys, more missions, more levels and, of course, more Heroes are already in the works. We are also working on adding Events to the game where a certain part of the game will function slightly differently for a couple days. These will happen on a fairly regular basis once ready such that the experience of the game will be slightly different from week to week.

We are currently only launched in Canada and Australia, so the community is still small, but growing as we prepare for wider release. If you’re not in the game yet, don’t worry, we’re warming up a spot for you!

Screenshot_20160615-183843 Screenshot_20160613-190154

The team here at SHG has worked tirelessly to get the game where it is, and we couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress. We are definitely looking forward to the future with this game, and all the opportunities within.

See you in the Wasteland!