New Findables in SP and SB. Oh and a one-time sale!

Hi All,

I’m thankful, and grateful, that you’re part of this awesome community. As a token, enjoy the 2 Bonus Special Days! (Notorious Agent in SP, Special Agent in SB).

More exciting news – the first new items in years went live!
SP: The Galilea (VR+) and CET (rare+)
SB: EQ Coat, IQ Coat, Q Glass
Plus, both games had research boosting consumables go live. Named after James Bond and Dr Who references. Heh. Good fun.

Also, for the first time, to help you with finding these items, there is a one-time points sale = 5000 points for $20. This will end Friday Nov 29th at 11.59pm (server time). Only one pack per person.

We may have future sales, but none are planned for now. We’re often asked, why not have sales? It’s about respect, believe it or not. We feel that sales make everyone unhappier, and play on players impulses unfairly. It preys on FOMO, and that’s not who we are. We don’t want to prey on others to feed our families. Longer conversation around that but basically sticking with the position even after 12 years. That said, there is a change – we’re open to occasional sales if they feel relevant. If we launch a consumable we might do packages for that, of if a player hits a certain milestone perhaps there is a custom one time for that.

If more gamewide sales do come, they’ll very limited in number to be purchased and how often we do it. Likely it’d be timed to big, new in game content that can be sped up through point use (think Ascensions, big new item launches, etc.). That seems fair, and not a big hit on the wallet even if it is impulse driven – sales CAN be fun, we just want to do it right. Plus, it seems a bit more democratic that players would have more of a shot at fun content. And although we are gamemasters first and foremost, we are also business people. Bringing in addition revenue the right way is never a bad idea.

Again, let me share my gratitude for such an awesome community.

Happy US Thanksgiving!