New Facebook Page, Sort of! 



Here at Snakehead games, we pride ourselves as community builders, and we can admit when we have been overzealous. We love building communities so much that we’ve built way too many. On Facebook alone, we have a page for Zombie Moon, a page for Spy Battle, Star Pirates, Jewels & Gems, etc.

While we love providing places for our fans to mingle and connect, the sheer number of these pages prevents us from distributing content effectively, and clutters up your news feeds.

The Solution? One Page to rule them all!

Over the next 6 weeks, we will be closing most of our dedicated game pages, and shifting focus to our SHG Facebook page; one page, one source.

How do we incentivise this? Simple. For the next 3 months, we will choose one person from Facebook and one person from Twitter every month, who will win $50 cash! Also, if you’d rather have points, then we would give you 100$ worth of points in a game of your choice instead. To be eligible on Facebook, you must have liked the SHG page. To be eligible on Twitter, you must have followed or retweeted SHG. And don’t worry folks, the points and cash will be given out discreetly. We’re not about to reveal people’s secret identities.

Here’s the skinny on how the rules work.

  • If you have liked our page on Facebook, you get one ballot in the hat. If you’ve already liked our pages, awesome, and don’t worry, you’re getting in on this too.
  • For Twitter, it’s per follower and retweet.
  • If we find out you are using multiple accounts on a single platform, you’re banned from the contest, so play nice.
  • For each additional like you give our articles and posts, that’s an additional ballot in the hat.
  • Shares don’t count! Facebook doesn’t allow us to incentivise shares, but that being said, sharing our posts helps us out a great deal, so please, just share our posts anyways.
  • You have to be 18+ to enter.

Now, we will be holding this contest as per the Ontario Gaming Control act of 1992, which means there must be a skill testing question in order for it to avoid being classified as gambling.

If your name is drawn, you will be asked in private to answer a skill testing question to win, we’ll offer a verity of skill testing questions, because everyone has different strengths, and we’re not about to discriminate based on ability.

So, to recap: 50$ dollars a month is being given away on Facebook and Twiter each, you can engage on both platforms for more chances to win.  You enter by liking our pages, and your chances to win increase the more you retweet or like our posts.

So there’s the kicker folks, if you haven’t liked our SHG Facebook page yet, do it now.

Here is our Facebook page:

Here is out Twitter: