Bayshore Hobbies Closing – Sad Day for Hamilton


Bayshore Hobbies is closing.

For those who might not know, Snakehead Games is the largest gaming company in Hamilton, Ontario, and we pride ourselves has being members of the local gaming community.   We grew up here, and our friends did too.  Back in those days (yes, the world was sepia toned then), there were just a few places gamers like us could get stuff.  Leisure world in the Burlington Mall, a few others, and then Bayshore Hobbies.

For a time, Bayshore hobbies was the cornerstone of that community, and even with all the changes, we still went there for games.

As Greg Ferguson, CEO of Snakehead Games said,

Without Rose and her iconic store Bayshore Hobbies, Snakehead Games Inc. (Hamilton’s biggest video game company) would probably not exist today.  Rose always greeted you with a smile and she always made time.  We loved visiting and finding the newest board games and cool things she had.  The genuine joy she had for sharing cool new offerings was so evident and it was contagious.  Bayshore Hobbies and its loss leaves a gap in our hearts but also leaves us with some great memories of the past 30 years.

Bayshore hobbies was one of the last of the true hobbyist stores, ranging from Board Games, Comics, Pen and Paper RPG’s, war-games, modeling and even Kite building. This was the place for Hamiltonians to supply their hobbies, and network with like-minded individuals.

Located just down the road from McMaster University, it was for many the gateway into new interests as they began new chapters in their life, myself included.

Sadly, amidst changing tends, they will be closing on 2013-07-27 after 33 years of operation.  A chapter of the Hammer-towns gaming, hobbyist, and dare I say, “Nerd” culture, closes with them.


Thank you Bayshore.

p.s.  On a lighter note, we believe the “No Farting” sign in the store is due to friends of the Founders of Snakehead Games.  No, really.