Gates of Camelot! One Year Old!

gatesofcamelotGates of Camelot is now ONE YEAR OLD! Several changes have been added to the game to help celebrate.

Name Your Castle: all players can name their Castle via the Settings link. The Castle name is displayed to you and to others while the Castle owner has Honoured status. Remember, you can visit anyone’s castle by clicking the “Property : Castle” link on their profile.

Invasion Medals: new medals can be earned for recognizing total defenses of the realm. These are awarded while an invasion is underway and are checked from “lowest” to “highest”. A number of players are likely to see successive awarding of medals while participating in the next Invasion!

Registration and Login: a fresh, inviting look for the registration and login page has been applied.

Google+ Easy Registration: it’s never been easier to join Gates of Camelot – you can one-click register if you have an existing Google+ account. In the future, we plan to allow existing players to link their current account to Google+ (or later, Facebook) for easy connection.

Restricted Search – Fae Sword: a new unique sword can be found! This is an enchanted broadsword (see the updated Item Guide) – the finder will be able to give it a name. We will permit the finder to put in a ticket for item combining using “normal” broadswords to upgrade it as if it were itself a broadsword OR you may also substitute at a 2:1 ratio other VR items in lieu of a single broadsword for this purpose.