Crystal Method & War Reporting

Even the most hardy of pirates was in awe today as some kind of crystal invasion force descended upon the Lower Belt. Not much is known about the nature of this force, aside from a few observations and even more wild speculation. But what we can be fairly certain about is that it seemed to have come from the Oort Cloud. Luckily for all of us (especially those who dwell around the Lower Belts), the free pirates managed to repel the space crystal.

Some pirates have speculated that this ‘invasion’ was only the beginning, and that a much more powerful force could still be on its way.

The other big occurrence of today instilled much more delight and far less fear of enormous invasion forces.

War News
Now when fleets have completed a war, a news post is made which sums up some of the details of the conflict. Things like which member of your fleet caused the most damage, who exploded the most, and your fleet’s track record.

Players also have the ability to comment on these war news posts, so that they may jeer or compliment their fellow pirates as they see fit.