StarPirates Ascension 2 Details Released

Ascensions are the “Game within the Game” expansion to They enable experienced players to relive the joys, and struggles, of their early days in the game. The first hours of playing in Ascension resemble that of “Hunger Games” with wholesale chaos, and mad scrambles for power. Soon after the Ascension experience turns into more of a hide-and-seek leveling project bound with a tight story that unleashes both more knowledge of the StarPirates Universe, and new types of items, critters, and playability.

The first Ascension was launched in 2011., SP’s sister game, launched its Ascension soon after.

Now at the end of 2012, another Ascension is expected to launch for StarPirates. It’s been hinted at for a while, and storyline and coding is already done, although graphics, items, and encounter balancing are still outstanding. This means that ideally Ascension 2 for StarPirates will launch in December, although it could be earlier or later.

There are some details that can be shared about Ascension 2:
Entry Requirements: The requirements to begin Ascension 2 are that you must be level 50, in a Dreadnaught Mk III or better, and have completed the first ascension

Booty: Ascension will provide SoE specific items.

Race: The first 10 players to complete SP Ascension 2 will receive an award; the first person will receive an additional reward and medals.

Time Limit: 6 months after the start date in AC2, players will no longer get free hourly debris searches, and lose PVP access (cannot attack other players or be attacked by other players). The AI advice will inform players of how close they are to reaching that limit. Point searches, slots and fuel-based activities will still available.

Completion: Follow the story; win at all stages; get to level 40 then defeat the final encounter.