Thankful Again. Thankful Always.

You know, I saw a post from Howard Tayler @ Schlock Mercenary. Now we like Schlock, and they like us. We have a custom ad deal with them as our communities overlap a lot. I read and enjoy the comic – it’s best read in longer sweeps, so it’s almost a shame that I like the present story like so much I’m reading it every day.

Anyway, we feel an affiliate more towards online SciFi comics, than other online games. It’s our responsibility to ensure that bored office workers aren’t so bored, for a minute or two (or sometimes longer) throughout their day.

So, when I saw Howard’s blog posting about how often, and why he’s thankful, I thought “that’s us”. He gets it fully. So let me quote it in full, and if you want to check out his awesome strip, go to Schlock Mercenary.

My family sort of celebrates Thanksgiving year-round.

Today in particular we give thanks via an ironic bit of excess consumption, including pie, but year-round we are reminded how fortunate we are to have you, fair reader, taking care of us.

Some of you support us by shopping with us. Some of you support us by shopping at Amazon using our affiliate bookmark. Some of you support us by telling your friends about the comic.

Some of you just read the comic. Maybe you feel like you’re not contributing anything, but know this: I feel privileged to have captured a time-slice of your life, and to have been permitted to fill it with stories I want to tell. Whether or not you’re shopping, you’re a big part of why I make Schlock Mercenary, and why Sandra and my kids are happy to have me doing it. It’s not about the money. I mean, it’s nice to HAVE money, obviously, but I had more when I worked in the software industry and today, like every day, I am thankful that I do not have to go back there.

Thank you for that.

I hope this day brings you the opportunity to express gratitude to somebody. Spread that thankfulness around. It’s a good thing. Better, even, than pie.

Well said Howard, and thanks.