First Day, First Blog by Kristian Docherty

So the first blog, the first day, the day where I finally start what I’ve been working for so hard throughout school. SHG Studios(Snakehead Games) the company that will show me how to become the man I want to be as an employee throughout game development. They’ve started me out as a “Unity Developer” which is very vague. I’ve been the production assistant as well as a 2D artist. This opportunity is unbelievable and I couldn’t be anymore happy about it.

I’ve been working on tons of documents that give other employees a pathway on how they’ll go on doing their job. Learning the back end of how a company works, how to keep employees on task, seeing the funding for the company and filling out documents for that funding, etc is a just a few things of what I’ve been up to. While working on those things also have been working on meeting schedules and wire framing screen which is creating a white box of what each screen will look like in the game. Also, have been doing 2D art which is awesome, drawing different cards and character design. For the next few weeks I believe I will be participating in more of the design side of things figuring out the missions, what will go in the store and tons more.

So, for me, I need to keep my mind on track to be beneficial for the employer as well as for myself. I know in the future I plan on taking night courses on business and relationship building so I can increase my knowledge and professionalism. I just want to be a better employer for this company as well as future employers!

Now, back to work.

‘Till next blog.