Ascension 2 Launches

Star Pirates’ Ascension 2 is live!

[RSG] Greenish was the first one to complete the Ascension 2 Mission in 9 hours 11 minutes 40 seconds. A unique item of choice will be awarded. Congratulations!

Another Congratulations to [SDL] Gilmore25 who completed the second mission in 1 day 2 hours 17 minutes 57 seconds. [SDL] Gilmore25 and the next 9 to complete the mission will also receive Cassiopeia.

Meanwhile, others are still salvaging, raiding and mining their way to higher levels in Star Pirates. Landmark levels have been reached over the past week by:

Level 50: Shannon, Agro, Sanchez, Gunstar, Frank Mangle, Captain Waffles, General Kael
Level 60: Claymoore, daWiseGuy, Cyrus
Level 70: ChubbyBroccoli
Level 90: Pyre Light
Level 160: Slagdar

And in Spy Battle 2165 …

Level 50: General Kael
Level 90: Xenephon, Mr Awesome
Level 110: Perry the Platypus

Congratulations! You all deserve some Grog!