2165 APB: New “Bind-To-Install” Policy

This communique is for all agents, formerly or presently active. Spread the word – yes, even to your rivals.

While Star Pirates BTI is going live on September 4th, the time of implementation for Spybattle is currently undefined. Any erroneous information you received previously is undoubtedly down to Sons of Earth shenanigans. Shame on them.

In brief, any tool, armour or weapon you currently have equipped that is upgradable, is of rare-or-higher availability and has not already been upgraded to Mk I or better, will be converted to a “Mk 0” equivalent. Everything in your INVENTORY stays as is, and you can sell and trade it as before – but if you’re going to make use of it yourself, it has to be “activated” by conversion to Mk 0 format, at which point it will only “work” for you and cannot be used if loaned or given away.

Here’s an analogy. Think of a box. You know exactly what’s in it, but as soon as you pop the seal, the item inside belongs to you. It’ll only work for you. Before then, you can use it to upgrade items you already have, sell it and trade it, but once the seal is broken, it’s yours and yours only. You can sell it back to the game-at-large at cost, convert it into AWEs, two Mk 0s can be combined into a Mk I, all that. But only you can ever equip it.

(And no, we’ve already looked into it, and I’m sorry to say your Underworld Contacts cannot be “bound” in the same way. The lawyers say you’ll have to use whatever current measures you’re using to keep them from absconding from your “employment”, hohoho…)

And just what does this mean to you and your fellow agents? Honestly, this “big change” isn’t really changing much at all. The higher-ups are just doing what they need to to keep the 2165 economy viable, as they’ve managed to keep it up until this point.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding as we implement this necessary change. And be sure and keep a careful eye out for *REDACTED*, instances of *ERROR: INSUFFICIENT CLEARANCE* and whatever you do, do NOT provoke the *SO SECRET, WE’RE NOT EVEN KIDDING*. Otherwise, everything will be fine.

Stay safe out there, Agents!
(Pan-Agency Liaison – Codename: P454)