Research Enhancements

Star Pirates, High Graphics Mode:  significant research enhancements have been added to the game.

Dedicated Cyberlink Slot: all ships from the Warship Mk IV and up have a new dedicated slot. This is the Cyberlink slot which may be equipped with an upgraded Cyberlink AI or Efficient Cyberlink AI unit.

Efficient Cyberlink AI Upgrade Path: has been changed. The Research Units provided now scale with the upgrade level: Mk 0 +3.8, Mk I +4.0, Mk II +4.2, Mk III +4.4, Mk IV +4.6, Mk V +4.8. The Item Market was emptied just prior to this change going live.

AI Data Packs: a new option for Account Upgrades has gone live. AI Data Packs (see Item Guide) are now purchasable from the game. Each AI Data Pack is a one-shot consumable that replenishes up to 50 Research Units. Players may sell these to each other via the Item Market or send them to one another – they are otherwise not findable from the game.

Quick Research (HG mode): a new option under Research has been added. Quick Research brings up a sub-menu enabling same-page links to Weapons, Shields or Engines Research.

Research Consumables (HG mode): if you have items which replenish your research, you will find quick use links in the Research drop-down. Note that the two preexisting options for full Research refills for points and AICB’s remain however they are clarified to show the amount of Research Units replenished rather than the 100 percentage display prior.