Upgraded Saturnalia – or, Party like it’s 2299!

What is Saturnalia, you ask? 12 days of contests and giveaways at the end of December, in StarPirates.net.

Lots of winners, and lots of action with the many themed invasions. The ever powerful Krampus has already made his appearance (edit: and now back in his cave for a year).

All of this is on top of the Sinterklaas event in early December, when C.O.A.L. is handed out to all the good…errr, not so good pirates!

It’s true. We’ve had a number of bigger events this year, since the start of Project Phoenix. This is the first one run by Chord, and it went super well. With Chord available more often as part of the Team we will be planning many different special events with greater detail, rewards and surprises to come. So please, keep active and don’t miss out!