Full Circle

Star Pirates Infinity wrapped up production 10 days ago, and we have been in full Marketing mode since. Placing the game in a closed beta is a good way to gather feedback from select people that aren’t us; after creating a product for 18 months, you know everything about it and have a “soiled opinion.”

Right now, we have 32 souls testing SPI, and a large number of them are players from the original Star Pirates! Some of these players have been a part of SHG’s family since the beginning, and letting them be some of the first to try a new story in the Star Pirates saga is a small reward for all their support.

The story of Star Pirates Infinity is brand new, but some of the concepts from the original Star Pirates had to be tied back so our Legacy players didn’t get lost; SPI is an island in the same ocean.

To properly tie in previously existing lore, we decided to add a number of cards with references to weapons and concepts from the original game, with plenty of player input (we were admittedly sneaky about it.) The results from our artist, Shawn, were fabulous!

Here are a couple samples:

I won’t give away the names or their abilities, but if you know Star Pirates lore well enough, you can probably guess the answer to both (although one has the name right on it.)

The game is soft launching soon in select markets to gather some initial numbers before the big push worldwide, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you all!