BlackBerry Support – Updated

It is Snakehead Games Inc. policy to do our very best for our players and not to take on an offering if we believe that may be compromised.

We had recently concluded we may not be able to continue developing mobile games for Blackberry devices as we did not have access to required underlying libraries.

Soon after this conclusion, we had a chance to meet with the team at BlackBerry and the news is promising – there are indeed libraries that should work, and if there are issues we can talk directly with the BB AIR team now.

And that really is great news; we want to support a local company, and I’m sure they feel the same way. Directly or indirectly, all players of SHG games will benefit from this.

We will continue to offer support for players using the web browser on a Blackberry for Star Pirates, 2165: Spy Battle and Gates of Camelot.

Zombie Moon has been in production for quite a period of time and already has plans for deployment to Blackberry Playbook and Z10 – we hope to have a definitive answer in the near future.