Star Pirates Infinity Available Now in a Galaxy near you!


Star Pirates Infinity, the next-gen CCG from SHG studios is live for limited release. You can play on PC or Mac, or if in Canada/Australia download on Android or iOS from here:

Star Pirates Infinity (SPI) is a free to play, Collectible Card Game, set within SHG’s dystopian space-opera known as the Starcrash Universe.

“Star Pirates Infinity focuses on competitive PvP, deck building, and completing missions”, says SHG’s Managing Director Colin Ferguson, “SPI contains SHG’s signature social features coupled with active moderating to keep the game about the game. We’ve been creating great communities for 9 years, with the original, and other SHG titles.”

“9 years later, some of those original players, are now enjoying SPI. People tend to come for the game, and stay for the community”, adds Greg Ferguson, CEO of SHG Studios. “This was, by far, our biggest project to date, and we think it’s the best. Hopefully the new players agree!”

Almost 2 years in the making, with dozens of contributors, SPI marks a monumental accomplishment for SHG Studios and we are extremely thankful for the support we have received from ODMC’s IDMF Production and CMF’s Experimental Fund.

SPI is available on PC or Mac and if in Canada/Australia download on Android or iOS from here:

The Game Trailer for Star Pirates Infinity can be found here:

Questions about the game, including media requests, can be directed to:

About SHG
SHG Studios is an independent casual game developer. We create casual games focused on social interaction. Players come for the games, and stay for the community. Our focus since day one has been on engaging social and community mechanics with our games. Players who joined us over 9 years ago, and still play, will attest to this. Our community development dynamics allows us to punch beyond our size and battle it out with the big players in the casual gaming world. We are very cognizant this is why players choose us over our competitors, and we build our games and communities accordingly.

About IDMF
Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC), an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport is the central catalyst for the province’s cultural media cluster including book publishing, film and television, interactive digital media, magazine publishing and music industries.

About CMF
The Canada Media Fund (CMF) fosters, promotes, develops and finances the production of Canadian content and relevant applications for all audiovisual media platforms. The CMF guides Canadian content towards a competitive global environment through fostering industry innovation, rewarding success, enabling a diversity of voice and promoting access to content through industry and private sector partnerships.

More Lyz! – Studio Dev Blog

Watch Out!
Watch Out!
Ready to go
Ready to go



Hello Players! Just a reminder to those who have not played the new missions in Zombie Moon (or have friends who haven’t played them): they are still available and they are fantastic. Go on and play them! Don’t worry, I can wait…






Finished? Awesome! Lyz has done a fantastic job with the cosplay and she has a bunch more you can check out on her site, facebook, and instagram. Also for anyone who is at PAX Prime this weekend Lyz will be there as well go out and say hello for us!

In Zombie Moon news we are now pushing out more missions every 1-2 weeks for those players who are of high levels. We are hoping to extend the end game so it doesn’t cap too early. Because of our last update we can now get content to players without doing an app update to the game. We will also be adding more tasks to the task list next week so get prepared for that! As always if you have any questions or running into any issues feel free to use the help desk and tell us about it. Look forward to more updates next week!

Zombie Moon Content Boost! – Studio Dev Blog

Hey Everyone, Wings here again with another update! Zombie Moon has received a new update to help us bring you more content without downloading the app every time. With this new update we are bringing out new Tasks that can be done Daily, Weekly and during Special Events! Additional tasks will be coming as the days go by. On top of that we have Achievements, currently only available for Android users (Apple users will be getting achievements on next update, please be patient with us). We have also added a social page in the settings screen making sharing on social media much easier than ever before!

Lyz Copslay ZM
Lyz Copslay ZM

Now for the best announcement… we have also added some new missions! Specifically going along the lines of Star Pirates… Zombie Moon now has a new mission starring Lyz Brickly! She has done a fantastic job and we’re very excited to add her to the Zombie Moon Universe. Definitely check out more of her work here. Also check out the new mission in game now, if you want the full content don’t forget to update to the latest version 3.3.06.

We are planning more content over the next few months with new missions and tasks. Stay tuned!

New Updates Ahead for Mobile Games – Studio Dev Blogs

Hello everyone! You’ll see me online with the alias Wings and I’m new here at SHG Studios. You may have seen me in the game chat or on the live stream we hosted a little while back. I have joined the company recently to work on both Zombie Moon and Guts and Glory and there’s plenty to talk about there!

Mission Boss: Axis Remnants!
Mission Boss: Axis Remnants!

We have worked to complete a bunch of new features over the past few months. Some of you have noticed we have added Mercenaries to both ZM and GnG, Mission Bosses to Guts and Glory and Squad Bosses /Squad icons to Zombie Moon. There have also been a number of  minor bug fixes and updates.

Tough Squad Boss ahead!
Tough Squad Boss ahead!

Mercenaries is a solution to the lack of allies in both GnG and ZM, you can buy a permanent ally that will never leave you. Mission Bosses were added to give missions an upgrade. Bosses also pay out well, so make sure you build up your army to take them out! ZM now has the long awaited Squad Bosses, which is another way to get some cash while challenging yourself and the members of your squad but don’t forget about the War!

All those beautiful new squad icons! Thanks Shawn!
All those beautiful new squad icons! Thanks Shawn!

One important note that you may not know is in the Squad Manage Page. If you click on your squad icon you can now change it to one of the new icons we added so check them out!

We have plenty of features planned over the next couple of months including a big update to Zombie Moon coming soon, so stay tuned!

Quantum Vibe – Shared Universe?

I’m personally an avid reader of Quantum Vibe — . Not only because it’s an awesome story of a dysfunctional group led by a mad scientist, but also because its story is very similar to the Starcrash Universe. All action takes place in the solar system, the physics is pretty real, and the characters are interesting.  These gems of characters are set beautifully into the background of big, dysfunctional (that word again) corporations run that run the show.

In many ways I feel I’m reading an alt universe story of SpyBattle and Zombie Moon.

So, for all these good reasons and more, QV has agreed to promote Zombie Moon. Maybe do the reverse favour and check ’em out if you can.  It’ll help you chat with the new Sun-Divers we expect in ZM.  Either way, please welcome ’em.


ps if you’re going to read Quantum Vibe, I’d suggest going back to the start, and breaking it out over a few days. It’s worth it.

Zombie Moon: 100,000+ Google Players

Thank you! Zombie Moon has more than 100,000 Google Players. Thanks to your support and spreading the word we just keep growing. That is so encouraging as we have so much more planned and are hard at work making ZM even better!!


    – this is YOUR triumph, we could not have reached this fantastic milestone without you!! 🙂 The best is yet to come!

BlackBerry Support – Updated

It is Snakehead Games Inc. policy to do our very best for our players and not to take on an offering if we believe that may be compromised.

We had recently concluded we may not be able to continue developing mobile games for Blackberry devices as we did not have access to required underlying libraries.

Soon after this conclusion, we had a chance to meet with the team at BlackBerry and the news is promising – there are indeed libraries that should work, and if there are issues we can talk directly with the BB AIR team now.

And that really is great news; we want to support a local company, and I’m sure they feel the same way. Directly or indirectly, all players of SHG games will benefit from this.

We will continue to offer support for players using the web browser on a Blackberry for Star Pirates, 2165: Spy Battle and Gates of Camelot.

Zombie Moon has been in production for quite a period of time and already has plans for deployment to Blackberry Playbook and Z10 – we hope to have a definitive answer in the near future.

Jewels & Gems

Snakehead Games Inc. are pleased to announce our new Mobile Game:  Jewels & Gems.

Available NOW on Google Play for Android as a free download (and soon available for iOS on Apple’s App Store as a free download).

Switch and match 3 or more jewels to unleash the lightning, rescue the rings and unlock treasure chests containing 5 powerful boosters!

38 achievements, multiple match patterns (3, 4, 5, the “L” and “T”) in Classic, Puzzle and Speed Puzzle modes mean the fun never stops in Jewels & Gems!  Challenge your friends on the leader boards!

Jewels & Gems screen shot

Jewels & Gems screen shot

Jewels & Gems screen shot

Zombie Moon

Zombie Moon is a mobile game coming soon from Snakehead Games.

“If you liked Mafia Wars on Facebook, you’ll love Zombie Moon on Mobile”, states Colin Ferguson, Managing Director of Snakehead Games.  “It’s taking the best of our highly successful StarPirates and Spybattle 2165 games, and streamlining them for a fun, engaging and social mobile App experience.  We’ve added some new features too.  Best of all, it’s free to play.”

Launch date is set as “September 2013”, and Android will be the first platform serviced.

“Zombie Moon will be available on Android, iOS, Blackberry — essentially every mobile device.  All the devices will play in the same universe, which is pretty cool.”

Follow updates here or on Twitter @zombiemoongame