Milkman Games

We want to give a shout out to a really solid development crew at Milkman Games.  Some of our mobile games are built using Adobe AIR and this, while a great toolset, also brings some challenges with it.  A terrific provider of extensions there can be found at Milkman Games.  Why would we, a game company, bring attention to a different game company?

The quick answer is two-fold:  gratitude, respect.  Milkman Games has earned both of these from us and for those of you doing Adobe AIR development, we give an unqualified recommendation for you to check them out.

Spelling Bee, Word Mix Scramble


Spelling Bee, Word Mix Scramble was just updated on Google Play!   Version 1.9.190 notes:  all ads removed, bug fix – Sometimes when winning two powerups in the same game, the display of one of the prizes when a new game started could overlay the bee hive.

Queen Bee loves words – the bigger the better! She’s sent her faithful bees out to find the best words and bring them to her – but oh no! The bees have collected the letters but now the words are all mixed up!  Use letters, wildcards and powerups to unscramble and spell as many words as you can in 2 minutes.

Compete with your friends on the leader boards and unlock all the achievements! Grow and extend words for chain combos and time extensions! There are also bonus mystery boxes containing power ups.Compete against your friends to get as many points as you can, before the time runs out! Whether you prefer the pace of play in Casual, Normal or Crazy mode, Spelling Bee is the bee’s knees!