Spybattle Comic and Spybattle Streaming Music

We have many amazing creatives in our community.  And two projects that have been in the works for a long time are both going live today.

They are pretty different, but both cool. Both SpyBattle focused, but relevant to most:

SpyBattle Comics
This is created by some players in SpyBattle – Princess Kitten, Kid Latrans, and … well you ask ’em!  It’s a comic about those players’ characters in the SpyBattle world.  If you play a lot, you’re probably getting a cameo 🙂  I’ve only read a few myself, but they’re well drawn and a fun read.

www.spybattlecomics.com                    << updated url!
(note this is not run by Spybattle, but has been created with a license, by players.)


Old Earth Suite
Some of you may know that Super Cthulhu is a man of many talents – one of them is musical.  He’s been working the Old Earth Suite for a while now, and it’s finally ready for it’s public debut! And it really is great – I’ve listened through a few times, and love it, but definitely needs a quiet room with no outside noises.

(you are free to stream and share this as you like – thanks SC!)

Old Earth Suite Performance Notes

Lament for Old Earth (3’20”)
The old Earth has been destroyed, yet there is still life and conflict amongst the ruins.

Opening with solo cello, then horn, allow the strings to be lush and strong throughout.  The tutti orchestra at B should be making a statement – again strong rich tones are required. At C it is important to ensure that the 8/8 structure is followed ( q. + q. + q )don’t allow the extra quaver beat. E brings a return for tutti orchestra and the opening statement.

A New Beginning (3’00”)
Around the campfire, the survivors gather to begin their lives afresh.

Allow freedom for the solo and soli violin passages, bringing a feel of gypsy air to the movement. Keep a feeling of one in a bar throughout the movement, and allow the winds at C to play together with a chamber feel.

Struggle for New Earth (2’36”)
Creating a new life is a struggle, yet there is hope and moments of true beauty.

Through the movement allow the inner parts to come through. No individual part is more important than any other, as the melody and theme is passed between instruments.

Finale – Finding Home (2’42”)
The world that was has ended. Yet we can still find a new home.

A return of the opening theme, set in a major key. Allow the tutti orchestra the space to create a majestic presence, tempered by the solo brass passages.

The suite, as a whole, is dedicated to the person behind Aurelia.  Be well friend.