Sneak Peek of Zombie Moon 3.0 Items

Zombie Moon version 3.0 is a big step forward in terms of the underlying engine. In fact, it’s a ground up rewrite using new technology. That opens up a LOT of opportunities for us which the current engine just can’t deliver.

A new tab on the allies game area showing players looking for allies and an option to “[√] Auto Ally”. More animations in combat. Superior sound handling. Squad specific missions. Squad alliances. Social media if you’d like to brag – or to invite friends really easily for referring. Major performance boosts. A revamped new player tutorial (using the chat area to guide players as to the next recommend activity until they level up enough to join that first squad).

Enhanced item displays. We’ll be able to provide a lot more detail with found items – for example, when opening a supply drop the items will show in 3D. Here’s an example (see if you can identify all the items!)