Zombie Moon “Bonus Boxes”

Zombie Moon version 2.0 is nearing General Availablity. Along with a first version of the Hall of Fame that players have asked for and some improvements to Inventory sellback (being able to quick-select a Tech Level cap on the sellback) this also contains a really big feature we have called “Bonus Boxes”.

Today, players have supply drops which queue up and they can also summon additional supply drops for 5 points. With version 2.0, players who summoned more drops (or who do so in the future) acquire “bonus boxes”. For every 10 supply drops summoned, an additional SILVER drop is awarded. When the player opens 10 SILVER drop boxes, they are awarded a bonus GOLD box. When the player opens 10 GOLD boxes, they are awarded a PLATINUM box.

Question: do these new boxes cost points to summon?
Answer: no, they are bonuses awarded on top of the existing 5 point drops.
Example: So let’s say you had previously summoned 100 supply drops (a big number but it helps to illustrate) while playing over the past 6 months. You’d automatically have 10 SILVER drops and 1 GOLD box waiting after you install Version 2.0.

What’s in the Drops?
STANDARD: may have an item and always has some cash.
POINT DROP: always has an item, higher chance at a SUPERIOR ITEM, always has cash.
SILVER DROP: always contains a SUPERIOR ITEM (max TECH LEVEL 10), $25,000 in cash
GOLD DROP: always contains a SUPERIOR ITEM (max TECH LEVEL 15), $250,000 in cash
PLATINUM DROP: always contains a SUPERIOR ITEM (max TECH LEVEL 20), $2.5 MILLION in cash

Example: you have Tech Level 11 everything but gosh darn the luck only have a Tech Level 9 pair of boots. When opening the SILVER DROP, you are suddenly $25,000 richer and will find a pair of Tech Level 10 boots. (The game always looks for your “worst item” as it’s the one you most need upgrading). Now you have Tech Level 10+ in everything – so you’ll find a Tech Level 10 item (random category) in the next SILVER box you open.