Happy New Year/Badlands Draw Winner!

Let me commence this blog by wishing each and every one of you a very happy 2017.  I am personally still getting over the fact that people born in 1999 will be legal adults this year, and my beard is growing whiter with this information.

Here at SHG, we are all oiling the gears to get our next game, Star Pirates Infinity ready for release. We are excited about the progress so far and cannot wait to show the world what we have done with it. It is by far the biggest project for SHG, and every one of us are proud of it.

As for Badlands – Max Carnage, we tried something a little different. We decided to do a Draw with the prize being a real-life prize of a $50 Gift Card to the Google Play Store.

The Draw closed on January 2nd, and was drawn today via a randomly selected Player ID.


Congratulations to McArrgh! We will be contacting you shortly.


There will be another draw for the same prize commencing on Thursday, January 5th at Midnight (server time) and running until Friday, January 20th at 11:59pm (server time.)

For details on the Draw click here:




Thank you all for playing, and see you in the Badlands!