Going Bananas!

Our friends over at MoKool Apps have two new apps that we’d like to share with you guys!

Mckool1Monkey Jump: Monkey Goes Bananas

– Jump high up a beanstalk that stretches high into the sky, to collect
bananas while avoiding unknown dangers!

“Fantastic Adventure game! – This is just another amazing adventure jumping/platform games that almost any one looking to pass time or occupy their children will enjoy! The game features a cute and great opening video sequence that introduces players to the goal of the main character, which not many developers include in their” – rnarvin



screen568x568 (3) screen568x568 (2)


Get it here on iTunes!





Star Quest!

How Many Stars can you collect?

Star Quest is an amazing, fly by the seat of your pant mobile app game for you phone or tablet. Star Quest is nail biting good fun, extremely addictive and keeps you coming back again and again. Crash and explode through a challenging maze of meteor rocks and asteroid fields.

Collect coins and fly as high as you can up into deep space while you avoid the many dangers of outerspace. This is an explosive game and tons of fun. And as an added bonus, if your getting close to a new high score or achieving a difficult mission, use the Save ME! feature to keep you going longer.

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Get it here on iTunes!