SHG Studios Awarded 2016 IDMF from the OMDC!

SHG Studios is pleased to announce a $250,000 grant from the Interactive Digital Media Fund (IDMF) (OMDC’s IDMF) for Star Pirates: Infinity.


Star Pirates: Infinity is an under development  next generation Collectible Card Game (CCG) for mobile. In this game, players buy and assemble card decks to compete against opposing players, both human and Artificial Intelligence. Players gain rewards, unlock missions and collect a range of units in the form of collectible cards. The game has the combined benefits of digital and paper-based CCGs. SPI development is well under way;  the grant will enable better card graphics amongst other upgrades.


IDMF is a program of Ontario Media Development Fund (OMDC), a strong supporter of SHG Studios. This gracious grant will supplement $494,000 Experimental Stream Support (blog link) previously received from the Canadian Media Fund (CMF) Experimental Stream for SPI.


About SHG Studios


SHG Studios, the 2015 Hamilton small business of the year, is an independent casual game developer. We create casual games focused on social interaction for a global audience. Players come for the games, stay for the community. Our focus since day one has been on engaging social and community and mechanics with our games. Players who joined us over 7 years ago, and still play, will attest to this. Our community development dynamics allows us to punch beyond our size and battle it out with the big players in the casual gaming world. We are very cognizant this is why players choose us over our competitors, and we build our games and communities accordingly.


About the IDMF & OMDC


The Ontario Media Development Fund (OMDC), supports the 17,000 jobs in Ontario’s Interactive Digital Media Industry through the OIDMTC, Export Fund, and IDMF. The Interactive Digital Media Fund was launched in 2005, and since then has supported 248 projects with total funding of over $25 million. The Interactive Digital Media Fund helps companies develop innovative projects like video games, mobile apps and online magazines.


IDMF  has recently announced its 2016 Funding Cycle.


SHG Studios is thrilled with this announcement, and are excited to bring you the project it will produce.