13th Birthday for StarPirates.net!

Hello Fellow Captains,

Starpirates.net just turned 13 years old! A grumpy teen which is no longer fun? Far from it. We have lots on the go, and hopefully you’ve already logged and got your free Cake, Notorious and LUCK 🙂

The NPCs and Bosses will remain until the end of the month. As will the sale on 6000 point packs > or rather the 13% bonus. You can get up to 3 of those. We don’t plan on making this bonus an annual event, as I’m not a big fan of sales – they add pressure to spend, and that’s not SHG’s goals.

On that note, SHG’s Project Phoenix continues apace, with pandemic work arounds. Being in Canada, these include strong governmental supports. This has meant our team of a dozen or so continue working on projects ranging from cleaning up the code base, to lots of new content, to updates to … well lots of things. We have a number of future projects already lined up and specific project-based government support (IDMF from Ontario Creates if you’re so interested). Combined with player support, SHG is in great shape for years to come. We’re grateful for all that support, in all those flavours. Without that, SHG doesn’t exist at this point, nor do the games and jobs.

While government does support, we still need a community that can be supported. I’m still keen on having a lot more players (back) into the game. Marketing plans exist including the iPad login contest happening in later May. You may note the increase in newsletters. Players who come back, love the experience in general and are glad to be reunited with their friends…some from more than a decade ago! But in general, marketing is still in the near future. We were focused and on track pre-pandemic, but a leader has to choose their battles, and that’s one we just couldn’t focus on. Until now.

Short version: SHG on a stable footing, and we’re plugging away at fixing old stuff, so we can do even more new stuff for you! And some of that new stuff has rolled out already, with more to come.

Cheers all,
AAB / Colin