Playing Catch-up

It’s been awhile since we’ve honoured our players for their hard work leveling in Star Pirates and Spy Battle.

Here are all the notable mentions since we last posted.

Star Pirates:
Level 50: BunnyBlaster, pothocboots, The Viking, Soylent, Drakion, IfrIIquIS, Le Chef, PuckInEye, maximus, Alverin, Warped Speed, ONE EYE SNAKE, John Dark, Rinchwind, Hawkfunk, redd1, Edward Valiant, Ghost Grojar, Ghotir, Insidious
Level 60: aussiepirate, Action Man, afterblast, G@ntt, Zapp Brannigan, Kwazy, Hone, Javelin, Wash, Staneslav, Johnmaduk, skycool, Invader Zim
Level 70: Excalibur Richthofen, Marcus Heinous, GloBug, Bridgeburners, Dunn, Spaerhawk, psychlops
Level 80: fishboy, Commodore Roadkill, Agent Smith, Philbo, Raven Arrow
Level 90: comsat, Chuck Anumia, Sum Dum Ghai, Mnementh, zelefex, Terwin
Level 100: HRH Attila The Hun, Don Karnage
Level 110: Soulsnatcher, calvin, StarWolf, A Filthy Space Hobo, Hoban Washburne
Level 120: Greenish
Level 150: Slagdar
Level 160: The Undertaker
Level 180: Medon
Level 280: Mr Awesome

Spy Battle:

Level 50: Fitzghon, deckard, littlecat, Grey Ghost, GreyWolfXR, Biftad, Norway, Turtle, Havlock, Aesir
Level 60: Donner, Dwarfius, R805C, I_I!I_I, Lucky13, Adversary, Jack, scatloch, Wayne Johnson, Leather Wolf
Level 70: Boreas, TheClutch
Level 80: Jimmy Bond, DaMoore, Vorkosigan, psychlops, Madawc
Level 110: Natasha Fatale, Shannon
Level 120: Maxwell Smart
Level 130: ZeroOne

Congratulations to all our players! Expect to see this weekly from now on.