Zombie Moon 3.0 Live!

Zombie Moon 3.0 is going live. Finally! It’s been a big effort and we’ll be carefully watching and offering support for the inevitable small issues that will surface on specific environments.

Over the next 24 hours ZM 3.0 will become available as an upgrade / install for all players using Google Play.  We’re already working on the iOS version (there are still some issues being resolved) but it appears this will pass our checks and tests for Release Candidate within the next two days.

A 3.1 containing some further enhancements and items we want to offer (achievements, improved new player introduction) is already in plan and to begin immediately following the successful Apple Store submission.



So we bid goodbye to the technology and code used for version 1.0 and 2.0 – it did well, got us far but with the technology abandoned by the providers it had hit the limit of what we could do to support people.  That left us with two options:

1.  give up – never provide any support or updates

2.  start all over and make a copy / clone using totally different technology.

Option 2 was what we picked.

Committing to a complete copy/clone of Zombie Moon in totally different technology was pretty scary to take on but we did and we’re pleased to see it go live.  Backward compatibility is pretty solid, there’s still more we’ll do as time goes on but the nice part is we can actually DO more and continue to support the community.

So now we breathe a huge sigh of relief that the fruits of that labour are out there and proven as viable.  iOS version should be ready in the next 2 days for submission (and of course then subject to Apple’s approval process for when it would actually become available).

Following, we’ll see if we can resolve why the Amazon Kindle simply will not co-operate with the new code systems as we proceed with the 3.1 enhancement path.