Gates of Camelot : Quotes by Players

On May 16th, we opened the Gates of Camelot to another round of testers. As an open beta they get to stay and play on! So far it’s seems quite the success (small bugs aside), and we’re happy to share some player quotes.

“Another highly playable game out of SHG. Fast paced. Fun to learn new gear. Quests and training galore. I recommend this game a lot to my friends. Come join us and try it out!” — Shannon

“A perfect game for the medieval enthusiast; fast paced and fun with a great community of players. Huzzah!” — Yosef Alaric

“Fast paced, action packed. I even get to ride a pony! Still waiting on my harp though, it will help with composing the great ballad that I plan to write. There’s a good storyline, and the potential for it to become a rich tapestry, interwoven with the stories of each adventurer, creating something vast, complex, and inherently beautiful.” — Mahray

“The game is fast paced, always keeps you on your toes, and its a departure from the rest of the SHG, yet still keeping the same theme behind it.” — Syphonz

“Love the game. I’ve always enjoyed a fantasy/medieval sort of theme, so when SHG decided to make Camelot, I was squealing in anticipation!!! … Well, not really, but super excited. Thanks again for your great work SHG!” — Jarek