The Art of Drawing

Last week Star Pirates Infinity development was focused on additional polish to the UI and various bug fixes. Much of the required card art is done, so our art team can focus less on drawing cards, and more on the clean up of the UI.

It ended up being one of our most exciting weeks in quite some time. By the end of the week, our art team had really improved the visual quality of the game and we were playing simultaneous games on a bunch of devices. We knew we had the team engrossed once everyone started talking about card balances, but that will need a bigger testing pool to be properly evaluated. We strongly believe that detailed game balancing is best done with the community, post launch. We have set a baseline for balance, but we’ll need players to make all the wonderfully unexpected combinations for us to really understand the meta of the different card combinations within each faction.


Badlands: Max Carnage meanwhile will be focusing on drawing of a different kind. We have launched a draw for a $50 Google Play gift card. Players earn one ballot per day they log in after their first day. Full contest details can be found here;

For the Starcrash games, work is continuing on Spy Battle to create the 3rd Ascension. We’re also running a contest for the creation of one of the art images needed for the story, an image to be done in ASCII art. The story called for such an image and we decided it would be a great opportunity to invite community participation. Hop on over the to the game if you’d like to get all the details. There are 6 months worth of Special Agent days up for grabs!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from everyone at SHG Studios!