In Beta! Pirates of Procyon : StarPirates 2

G’day Captains, Special Agents, and Space Marines! 

On Apr 22-24, 2008 Star Pirates ( launched. It was super successful almost immediately. The best part is the many friends we’ve all made. Or maybe you’re a bit more “pew pew” focused, and you’ve enjoyed blowing up your friends again and again. Whatever rocks your boat – the game is open 🙂

But 14 years is a long time. That’s 100-ish in dog years, and more in video game years. While maturing, our community is great, and the game fun. It is not easy, however, to enact changes. 

So, it’s time for a sequel to SP. On Apr 25th, Star Pirates 2 : Pirates of Procyon (POP), launches in Beta. And some of you have invites. Those who signed up for beta testing are welcome to go and log into

Go Live for all And Pre-Registration

The game will open to all players a few weeks later. If you pre-registered ,you’ll get benefits at that time; points and days for all those who did! 

Note: while we expect that Beta accounts will keep their levels, equipment and more into POP’s Full Go Live, if there is a critical error in the game, we will roll back. That’s the downside of Beta. With that in mind, real cash sales are not allowed in Beta.

What If I’m on the Fence?  

First off, ouch. That sounds painful. If you can get off it without serious harm, and you’re interested in 

general, but not ready to sign up, turn your scanners on the info on

High Graphics Mode FTW 

Most of us play in Standard Mode, but we’ve put a lot of time into High Graphics. It now plays smoothly and well, and is a joy to look at (at least for the devs). Why did we do this? Well we expect to invite a LOT of new players to the game. New friends – yay!

We’d like to see 30,000 new players try the game in the first 6 months – and maybe 1000 stay and join us ongoing? And they will want High Graphics mode. Personally, after over a decade, I’ve now shifted to High Graphics from Standard. I really didn’t see that happening. You might wanna give it a try, at least in POP.

Facebook in May: We’ll have a facebook version live in May. That’s where a lot of new friends should come from.

Mobile Apps – End of Summer: A proper mobile layout will be created, and pushed live into the app stores before the summer is out.

Is SP Being Abandoned? 

SP will still be updated with content, and perhaps new features if players demand they be brought from POP to SP. The game connects back to SP1, something like an ascension. Achieve certain goals in POP, get rewards in SP or SB. And vice versa. We want the feedback of Beta testers on those specifics.

What Do We Call SP Now?

I think it remains SP. But if you want it can be StarPirates 1, or StarPirates Prime, or Classic, or … well, we’ll have you sort that one out. 

I hope you join us on our exciting new chapter!


Colin Ferguson / AdminArrBilly